Automatic subtitle downloader


I’m a real big fan of Plex and installed plexmediaserver on my Debian box. But there is one thing Plex seems to lack which is automatic subtitle downloads (which I think is pretty weird, because it’s really good at anything else media related (this seems missing guys!).

Anyway, I found the package ‘subliminal’ to be useful. Created a small one-liner that crawls through my media-library and adds the (not of all the time) correct subtitles to my movies and series.


Install the package like so:

sudo apt-get install subliminal

Then add it to cron like so:

@daily subliminal download -l nl en /media/media/TV\ Shows/
@daily subliminal download -l nl en /media/media/Movies/

This makes sure subliminal runs ‘daily’, crawls through both libraries and tries to fetch the Dutch (nl) and English (en) subtitles and saves them next to the files. That way Plex can easily spot them and offer them when available.

Makse sure to change the path’s to your correct media-libraries. I explicitely created two entries for TV Shows and Movies, because I have two other libraries in /media/media/ that don’t need subtitles. Let’s just say that the ‘stories’ or dialogues in these libraries are not thatimportant .


Fresh subtitles every day!

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