Automatic domain checker & notifier


I have been chasing a couple of domain names I want to register for a while now, and these are either registered by someone else, or taken by a broker who wants to have big money for them. Every once in a while I’m checking them (when I think of it) but this will probably leave me empty handed so I thought of an idea to do this automagically and send me a message whenever they are available. Created a little script, added it to cron and tested the notifications.


test=$(whois $domain)
if [ "$test" = "$domain is free" ];
then /usr/bin/curl -s " $domain = free"

Ofcourse you can plugin your own notification system or add ‘your_bot_id’, ‘your_api_key’ and your_chat_id in this script.

Add it to the crontab:

@daily /path/to/script/


It will only send a message when the domain is ‘free’ like so:


Small but handy, thought it was worth sharing …

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