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send stuff to telegram bot command-line globally


As you have seen in the other posts, I like to use a telegram bot for my notifications with domoticz. But I also like to use it to notify me from scripts.

After a while I found myself adding the same long ‘curl etc etc’-commands in every script, so it was time to create a little script that holds everything I need and can be used globally.


You need to have a telegram bot already up and running. Like earlier is found this tutorial to be pretty good.


create a new file called ‘tg’ and ‘chmod +x’ it. Then edit it like so:

bot_id="insert your bot id here"
api_key="your api-key here"
chat_id="your chat-id here"
curl -s "https://api.telegram.org/$bot_id:$api_key/$action?chat_id=$chat_id&text=$1"

After that create a symlink to ‘/bin/tg’. Because ‘/bin’ is usually in the ‘search path’ for commands it will be accessible from everywhere.


now you can use it ‘globaly’ from scripts or command line:

root@host:/$ tg "blabla bla"

And it will send your text to your Telegram bot:


Telegram & domoticz hand in hand


I have been a Telegram-fan since the beginning. It’s snappy, pluggable, and allows for alot more customization then WhatsApp or other more ‘closed’ instant messengers. And ever since Facebook ‘owns’ Whatsapp it’s supposed to be ‘more private’ (but who knows). Next to that is has IM-clients for every platform, which is useful.

The ‘Telegram Bot’ functionality is especially fun and I have been using it since it was available for sending ‘push notifications’ to my iPhone. It can be added as a custom notifier to domoticz quite easily, but I always forget how to, so here’s my post on how I did it (for future reference).

First, setup a Telegram-bot. very nice guide here. Also pay attention on how to use it with ‘wget’ or ‘curl’. Very useful in scripting, I use that alot as well.


Add all the relevant stuff here (under Setup -> Settings -> Notifications):


After that you can use it on everything that has the ‘Notifications’ button:


Add a notification with a ‘relevant’ threshold:


You can use the ‘$name’ & ‘$value’ to send the name of the current device and the current value in the message itself. Oh and I like the pretty Apple emoticons too much, I know …



Oooh pretty! Thanks Jarvis!